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Smartlis introduces into the Laboratory Information System the technologies, paradigms and user-experience (UEX) inherited from the internet world. Our in depth knowledge of labs enabled us to design a totally innovative solution combining all the consolidated typical features of a mature LIS with enhanced web technologies, making Smartlis unique and valuable for today's labs. With Smartlis we imagined and created a groundbreaking solution: an LIS truly serving the user.

Smartlis has been developed by a team with long-time experience in IT for clinical laboratories; it overcomes the limits of existing LIS with the adoption of state-of-the-art architecture and technology.

A different user experience and added functionalities introduce the user of Smartlis to a new cognitive and operating dimension.

Smartlis' superior features are implemented in an open, 100% web architecture. Smartlis is not "web-based" simply because it runs in a browser; Smartlis is "web-based" because the development team has fully benefited from the innovations and the user interface interactions typical of internet applications, introducing in the lab a true web experience.

Smartlis Laboratory Information System - iPad

In Smartlis you will find effective solutions for your fundamental needs:

  • Granting a "low-cost" scalability to support labs in their growth, avoiding major disturbances on the production and the unpredictable increase in costs of H/W and S/W resources that is typical of other solutions.
  • Introducing a user experience (UEX) similar to those common in the applications developed in the internet age, i.e. easily surfing and searching the huge amount of data that a lab produces day by day.
  • Decreasing the LIS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Smartlis is ready to be deployed in the cloud or to be delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

Smartlis is the most effective solution available to labs that are willing to adopt a new information system that overcomes the current limitations with a medium/long term investment to grant lab evolution in a competitive and dynamic context.

Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Documental Approach Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Documental Approach Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Documental Approach

Smartlis stores data in a textual database instead of a classical relational database (Documental approach).

This enables an outstanding flexibility into definition of data models providing a simple and intuitive way to adapt it to different specific workflows.

Test orders and all the related entities (samples, tests, results...) are freely defined documents (Schema-less). Smartlis includes a search engine to access the document repository which is the base for any user interaction enabling navigation within data and features in a new and innovative way for an LIS. There is no need to design complex specific queries in a cryptic, only-for-experts SQL language: with Smartlis you use a natural language, very close to the way you search the Internet with the most important search engines.

Data are retrieved and shown to the user at unimaginable speed enabling a completely new and innovative user experience. Using the same paradigm, Smartlis enables unlimited KPI (Key Performance Index) and analytics, overcoming the need to add expensive BI (Business Intelligence) tools to the LIS.

Smartlis can manage preanalytics, sample transportation systems and automated analyzers directly, delivering all the functionalities of a modern middleware. Smartlis can also be integrated perfectly with existing, third-party middlewares, when the customer is willing to preserve its investments in automation and requires a smooth implementation of the new LIS avoiding the organisational shock of a concurrent change of an existing and satisfactory middelware solution.

Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Mac
Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Documental Approach Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Documental Approach

You can use any Internet browser to access Smartlis; it is an application easy to understand an fast to learn thanks to a simple navigation combined with impressive searching capabilities, enabling a quick achievement of high productivity.

Smartlis Laboratory Information System

Dashboards or personalized home pages (virtually different from any users depending its specific role) simplify the user interface; only relevant data, information and functions are shown in each operating context.

Web technologies allow for an easy configuration of web portals to enable customized access to lab services for specific user roles (GP, inpatients, outpatients, service labs, insurance companies, etc..), without the need of investing in expensive third party solutions.

Smartlis is the first LIS designed to bring back to the laboratory the ownership and usage of its data.

With Smartlis you will not need the expensive development of reports or queries to search the repository and to process data: information will be in your hands.

Smartlis has been designed to support the retrieval and processing of huge amounts of data by a large number of concurrent users, as in typical web applications. Existing LIS slow down dramatically when such features are enabled; with Smartlis managing information and knowledge is no more a killer of system resources.

Smartlis Laboratory Information System
Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Horizontal Scalability Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Virtualization Smartlis Laboratory Information System - Reliable fault-tollerance

The use of the newest open source technologies (selected in consideration of their reliability , diffusion and capability to support very large installations) decreases dramatically the LIS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) cutting the costs for system S/W licenses (Database, Hypervisor, etc..).

Smartlis Laboratory Information System

The technologies used deliver built-in horizontal and vertical scalability and enables Smartlis to adapt easily to changing conditions (i.e. workload and users increase) with simple system partitioning; this avoids extra costs and the need of replacing the available H/W resources.

Smartlis is easy to maintain and comes at an interesting cost-effective price combined with innovative features and a modern architecture; Smartlis is today the "first choice" in the market.

About us

Lab Technologies has been incorporated in Lugano, Switzerland, by a group of longtime experienced professionals in laboratory IT, who have conferred the result of a three-years R&D in LIS development, and a group of private investors specialized in this market and convinced of its global expansion potential, who have granted the funding required to promote this expansion.

The result is a highly specialized company firmly committed to the global LIS market, with a capital exceeding 2,7 Million Swiss Francs.

Along with the innovation we are introducing in LIS, we plan an innovative approach to the global market through strong and long-term technical and commercial agreements with local healthcare IT specialized partners in order to be as close as possible to the users worldwide.

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