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Corporate Cloud LIS

Labs are larger, multicenter and international

Labs are larger, multicenter and international. Managing these large organisations is complex. The current LIS are outdated and do not offer efficient solutions

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Are you suffering from this situation?

If you are using isolated LIS on your sites this is familiar to you:

Your processes are not unified and you cannot take advantage of synergies.

Information is scattered and it is difficult to have a unified view of your organization.

The IT infrastructure is fragmented and its security and maintenance is complex.

Different languages and cultures are an obstacle.

Make difficult to expand the business.

Interfere with the implementation of global policies.

It is difficult to offer the best service to your clients and patients.

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The solution is the Corporate Cloud LIS

The LIS is one of the strategic pillars of the laboratories. Smartlis has been designed as Corporarte LIS.
A Corporate Cloud LIS offers a centralized and unified management of lab strategic processes.

Benefits of a Corporate Cloud LIS

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Corporate benefits

  • Best service to doctors and patients.
  • Unification of clinical criteria.
  • Unified vision of all laboratories:
    Processes, Status, Activity, Costs,
  • New productive models are possible. Greater efficiency.
  • Easy incorporation of new laboratories to the group.
  • Easy expansion to other countries.
  • Economy of scale when incorporating external services.
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Technical benefits

  • Simplification and savings in the
    technological platform.
  • Unlimited horizontal scalability.
  • Non-stop upgrades.
  • State of the art. Assured evolution.
  • Simplification in integrations and
  • Standardized and powerful cloud
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Functional benefits

  • All specialties covered in one system.
  • Process simplification, all
    information shared.
  • Complete, rich and unified patient
    with all specialties.
  • Instant access to all group
  • Epidemiological analysis in real time.

How we do it?

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Only one LIS (and “Database”) for all group

Instead of dozens of LIS one Corporate System manages it all.

Web based and Cloud

Access via internet browser. The information can be in the cloud or on corporate servers. Technology to grow without problems.

Manage all laboratories, specialties and processes

Unified management across all laboratories, specialties and laboratory processes.

With flexibility for every laboratory

Smartlis incorporates tools to provide flexibility to each laboratory and specialty in the group.

Example: how is the test catalog managed across multiple laboratories?

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The catalogue is unique and adapted:

The test code is also unique for all laboratories (equivalences to other codes as LOINC are possible).
Each test can be adjusted to the methods and analyzers of each laboratory.

Productive model of the organisation:

We define for each test the policy of the organization:

  • Which laboratories can request it?
  • Which laboratories can perform it?
  • Which laboratories can report it?
  • To which laboratories should it be sent for production?
  • Which laboratories are backup in case of failure?
  • Special conditions: a laboratory can perform the test in the emergency lab but if it is routine it is sent to another laboratory.
  • In which rules and in which centers does this test participate?

Sample workflow into the organization:

Define the sample workflow according to the productive model.
This definition is simple and is done in a use friendly environment.